The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Friday, 13 September 2013

Setting the Scene

Even an imaginary setting for Back of Beyond games needs some sort of geographical location rooted in reality in some small way. Rhanzlistan is no exception to this rule. I wanted to locate it close to, but not on, the North West Frontier, if only to be able to justify the incursion of the Russian hordes of the SPIFF, not to mention the possibility of those dastardly Chinese of Wun Ung Lo making an appearance. So, where is Rhanzlistan to be 'found' you ask? The map following shows its general location in the north west of the sub continent.

As you can see, Rhanzlistan lies to the west of Rawalpindi and north of Mianwali, occupying an area which in reality was a part of the Panjab in 1920. It is a land of many rivers, mountains, plains and of scattered villages and towns. The principle City of Rhanzlistan, and site of the Governor's Residence, is Byklabad, a city of some notoriety during the Mutiny of the mid C19th! Other important towns are Muuha, Pa'Dhok and Phi'Lippe, while Fort Aston guards the southern approaches to the Frontier.

Rhanzlistan is administered for the Empire by the Governor, Sir Godfrey Godalming, from his Residence in Rhanzlistan. His Excellency is seen here with Brigadier Bykleigh and the young Prince Kasim, the rightful heir to the throne of Rhanzlistan, who 'lodges' with the Governor as a surety for the loyal behaviour of the Bhurpa tribes.

Most recently posted to the Province of Rhanzlistan to bolster its defences are the Shropshire Yeomanry, seen here under the command of Major Whyte.

Rummours abound in the souks and market places of Byklabad that the RFF will soon be in the field to counter the threats from SPIFF...


  1. The Soviet Peoples International Frontier Forces welcome Major Whyte to the province and offers him some fine sport in the near future.

    Comrade General Rohbinski

    1. We shall see what happens next Friday, Commrade!