The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Monday, 14 October 2013

The Taxing of Ghi Mikha

Earlier today Phil and I played out a second game in our Rhanzlistan Campaign. The action moved to an area of mountainous terrain occupied by one of the many Bhurpa tribes. Their Headman, one Ghi Mikha, had been refusing to pay his due taxes, so the District Commissioner, Albert Atkinson, put together a small column to 'enforce' due payment. The rules we were using were Setting the East Ablaze and the figures and terrain are from our collections.

The numerous Bhurpas occupied excellent defensive positions amongst the rocky mountainous landscape, south of a swiftly running river with only one crossing point. Atkinson divided his forces from the outset, a major error of judgement as it happened...

The Yeomanry took advantage of the tracks to make rapid progress towards their objective, the only bridge across the river. Unfortunately there were three possible Ambush Points along that route, two of which turned out to be blinds, while the third...

Turned out to be a unit of Red Siberian Rifles concealed amongst rocky outcrops. Their deadly fire saw the Yeomanry scattered to the four winds to play no further part in the contest. Probably the most successful Ambush outcome I've ever seen in a game.

This left the infantry element of Atkinson's column to clear the approaches to the bridge the hard way. First the Gurkha machine gun attempted to cut down the Rifles, with little success. This meant the Gurkhas must close with the rifles and drive them out in close combat. Unfortunately, as it turned out, the order of the cards and a Chance element lead to the Rifles charging the Gurkhas. In the combats my dice were dreadful and the Gurkhas were soon fleeing back.

The crucial moment. As the Gurkhas close on the rifles they are unexpectedly charged and loose the combats! Threatened by the arrival of Bolshevik cavalry from across the river, Atkinson and the Royal Surreys take refuge amongst the hilly terrain, from where their firepower sees off the cavalry.

Having averted catastrophe, Atkinson orders the Surreys to clear the bridge. Unfortunately for him, large numbers of Burphas now lined the banks and the approaching Surreys were driven off with serious losses...

Sadly the remnants of Atkinson's force were soon heading back empty handed. There are sure to be questions asked, repercussions felt, and careers blighted after this reverse...

Saturday, 12 October 2013

New Playing Cards

The first game that we played here in GHQ in the Rhanzlistan Campaign we had to use a pack of hand written cards for each unit's Turn Card and Phil's own Event Cards, made for the Russo-Chinese Border where games are set at Olaf's HQ. I've had time now to make my own Turn and Event Card decks and thought they might be of interest to some visitors to Rhanzlistan.

I found the NW Frontier picture on the internet, its a modified India Railways poster. The Turn Card deck has one card for each unit and character and an Event or Chance Card.

I find writing Event Cards quite difficult actually, so I've borrowed heavily from Phil's for now until I get a 'feel' for what Rhanzlistan games will be like. Our first game using these two decks will be on Monday, The Taxing of Ghi Mikha...

Tuesday, 8 October 2013

A Camel Caravan

I've just varnished some figures this afternoon, as the sun is shinning and I want to use this piece in a game next Monday with Phil.

The camels and the 'Bhurpa' I got from Tiger Miniatures at the Derby Worlds show. The camels look as if they might be the Ebob ones to me, with all the baggage and paraphernalia added on of course. Having sprayed them white, after minimal cleaning up, I gave them a wash of Burnt Umber artists' ink and then dry brushed them with Foundry Rawhide shade. I quite like the overall look it gave them! The figure was not quite to my taste, but passes the 3' rule so it will do! I think it will see service both for the Rhanzlistan Field Force and any 'loyal' Bhurpas who need to move goods and possessions about. Look out for it first in next week's game ~ The Taxing of Ghi Mikha...