The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Sunday, 3 November 2019

The Campaign's Climax ~"Towards the High Peaks!"

Well, the dust has settled over the field of battle, the dead have been buried, the wounded treated and reports written and forwarded to a higher authority. As usual I've included a few pictures intended to give a flavour of how things developed over eleven turns. We used Rapid Fire2 for a change with a couple of modifications to artillery fire which proved effective. Now, off we go to Rhanzlistan ~

The Gordons advance towards the cover of the ruins and come
under fire immediately from the SPIFF artillery.
Supporting the Gordons, the Gurkhas advance on the SPIFF
infantry positions, in their turn coming under galling fire.  
As the Gurkhas crest the low ridge the South Staffords advance
in their support. The SPIFF  artillery is taking a heavy toll.
Artillery fire from the RFA battery and fire from the Gordons
has driven the SPIFF from the ruins of the Red Fort and cavalry
are poised to roll up the enemy’s flank.
The Gordons are pinned in the ruins and the decimated Gurkhas
and South Staffords must withdraw to cover. With no infantry
support the cavalry fall back.

On the RFF's left flank infantry casualties have been severe and
they too fall back, screened by the Tandoori Horse.

Its all up for the RFF as the RFA battery limbers up to withdraw.

Recriminations begin almost at once!

Meanwhile, Comrade General Robinski receives news of the
RFF's withdrawal.
Rapid Fire !2 seemed to us to work quite well for the battle and produced a believable result we felt. Perhaps we might have prolonged the game beyond eleven turns if we had split the RFF into three sub sections for Morale purposes. I survived four turns of consecutive Morale checks before succumbing and Phil survived two. Once you have minus 4 to begin with the writing is on the wall, or in my case the High Peaks!
Well, that's that for Rhanzlistan for another year. We shall have to wait a while now to see what 2020 will bring for the characters who populate our imaginations and our tabletop. Perhaps Brigadier Bykleigh will be posted to the China frontier, we shall have to see...


  1. Gorgeous and atmospheric terrain, and nice write up David, superb!!

  2. A spiffingly fought out game which could have gone either way, revolutionary fervour winning out against bourgeois imperialism.

    Power to the people!

    1. As you say, a grand game, but one where morale crumpled eventually under effective fire.

  3. Superb layout and a closely fought game! Wargaming as it ought to be..... With friends and tongue very firmly in cheek!