The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Friday, 10 January 2014

Red Incursion Repulsed at Haztonawar

From today's copy of The Rhanzlistan Times comes welcome news from the frontier of the exploits of the Rhanzlistan Field Force and its intrepid commander, Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh ~

The frontier village of Haztonawar was strangely deserted reported the scouts from the RFF.

The cause of this unusual circumstance was soon revealed to be the advances of Red Robinski and his SPIFF!

Acting with clear and decisive intent, Brig Bykleigh soon deployed his forces towards the deserted village.

Heavy going along some of the roads {aka dreadful dice throws} delayed the RR armoured car as it advanced to support the Jalfreezi Rifles.

The Red Hordes were massing ominously to the north of the village.

However, the armoured car cleared its difficult road going {threw better dice this time!} and advanced down the main village street to confront and then repulse the Red cavalry advance.

In the meantime, the Shropshire Yeomanry were moving to the left flank in support of the advance of the Loyal Tandooris. Bykleigh's plan was becoming clearer: block the Reds in the centre, hold them on his right and turn their Left!

Alert to the threat, Robinski moved Bolshevik infantry onto his flank.

Major White gallantly lead the Yeomanry in a charge on the enemy, only to be repulsed with heavy losses by concentrated fire.

In the centre, the Jalfreezi Rifles, supported by the No1 (Baalti} Battery occupied the buildings at the south end of the village.

While the 2nd Gurkha Rifles held the right flank, first halting and then repulsing the Red cavalry charges, only to find themselves flanked in turn by the Red armoured car!

This left the Jalfreezis rather isolated in Haztonawar's empty homes. But, were they dismayed? No! They gallantly repulsed every effort to dislodge them although throughout the action they were under constant and galling fire!

The Gurkhas though on the right first retired and finally broke, the remnant heading south seeking safety!

Despite the loss of the Yeomanry, the RFF's left flank was determinedly held by the Tandooris, trading shots with their Red foe and, despite heavy losses, refusing to quit their position.

In Haztonawar things had reached a crisis point and even Brig Bykleigh was forced to join in the defence!

The Red armoured car found itself behind the RFF's open flank, but was engaged by the men of the No1 {Baalti} Battery in a long range duel!

Heavy losses on both sides now forced Army Morale checks. While the RFF passed their first test, the SPIFF failed not only the first, which halted them, but the second which saw them compelled to retire.

Despite having been fought to a standstill, the men of the RFF found themselves in uncontested possession of the ruins of Haztonawar! The forces of Robinski have been once more thrown back in disarray! Only time will tell if they will rise again to threaten this remote outpost of Empire! In the meantime, "God Save the King!"

The rules we used were Setting the East Ablaze, available from Caliver Books of course. The figures are from our respective collections and feature many manufacturers, Copplestone, Pulp Figures and Brigade Games being prominent amongst them. The buildings are from Mutineer and the vegetation from The Last Valley.