The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Thursday, 6 March 2014

"Putting one up the Jakzi!"

As followers and casual visitors to my main Blog, Tales From GHQ, will know things have been disrupted here more than somewhat by my health. Thankfully I'm well on the mend and so the much postponed latest exploit of the Rhanzlistan Field Force can now be told...
Wytawar to Jimbai

In an earlier action we saw the S.P.I.F.F. attempt to break out from its temporary refuge in Jimbai, having been admitted by the Jakzi into the city following their defeat at the hands of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the lads of the RFF! Sir Godfrey has now had time to consider his response and has dispatched one Major Whyte with a strong force to enter the city of Jimbai and chastise the Jakzi, teaching him and the 'loyal' Bhurpas where their true allegiances lie ~
Major Whyte, escorted by elements of the 2nd Gurkhas

As the RFF moves forward, the Loyal Tandooris come under fire from the Bhurpas' antiquated artillery piece, the legendary 'Great Gun of Byklabad' carried of by the Jakzi's ancestor during the confusion of the Great Mutiny in the C19th ~
"Steady, lads!"

As the locals and livestock flee for their lives fierce fighting breaks out at close quarters amongst the ruins of Wytawar. The Jalfreezi Rifles and the Loyal Tandooris are joined by the Gurkhas in driving the Bhurpas from their strongly held defences ~
Bombs and bayonets devastate the defenders

Despite the presence of Bhurpa cavalry on his flank, Captain Chester 'Chesty' Gough leads the Shropshire Yeomanry to attack the Bhurpa artillery position ~
Yeomanry threaten the Great Gun of Byklabad

Fighting continues in the hovels of Wytawar, but it seems the Bhurpas have little option but to fall back on Jimbai ~
Bhurpa resistance crumbles in Wytawar

Major Whyte orders up the No1, Baalti, Battery of his force as movement on the ramparts and turrets of Jimbai have caught his eye ~

A direct hit with the gun's first shot! The Jakzi is killed instantly and his personal entourage stunned! Without his charismatic leadership and the backing of Mustapha Leakh, the 'Mad Prophet of Rhanzlistan', all Bhurpa resistance melts away like the dawn mist ~
The Jakzi suffers a direct hit!

Another triumph by the lads of the Rhanzlistan Field Force, though at some cost, particularly to the Jalfreezi Rifles who had a hard time clearing the Bhurpas from Wytawar. The game winning shot from the Mountain Battery was somewhat hard to take as I've never found it all that effective when in command of the RFF myself! Now that the Jakzi is removed from the political scene in Jimbai perhaps Prince Kasim may yet regain his throne? No doubt though that Mustapha Leakh may recover and hatch an evil plot to deny the lad his birthright!
The rules we used we Setting the East Ablaze. The figures and terrain are all from my collection: the walls of Jimbai have done duty in the Sudan before now and the buildings of Wytawar are to be found in the Chronicles of Byklabad during the Great Mutiny. Here in GHQ terrain has to have multiple applications to help with storage issues. I don't really mind that myself, but if your sensibilities are inflamed I beg your forgiveness.


  1. Imperialist assassins strike at the heart of Jimbai, this further outrage by the imperial forces of aggression will not go unpunished.

    Comrade General Robinski, S.P.I.F.F

  2. The dreaded Pig Dice strike again!

  3. Nice report, an unusual period for me, and a great looking terrain!