The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

The Bhyklabad Horse {Aston's Scouts}

In most games we've played so far in our 'Tales From Rhanzlistan' campaign I've found myself seriously outnumbered in respect to the cavalry arm of the Rhanzlistan Field Force. Phil's Bolsheviks have always been able to use their cavalry superiority to cause me real problems. The sole unit of cavalry, the Shropshire Yeomanry, were made up of Brigade Games figures from their WWI ranges, some of which I got as a gift from friends in the USA and some I picked up off Colonel Bill 's webshop. I had thought to add some mounted Bhurpas from the excellent Empress Miniatures Jazz Age Hill Tribes, but browsing the net one morning I lighted on the Brigade Games Indian Cavalry from the same WWI range to supplement those Dave Paddock had sent me recently and on the same Colonel Bill 's webshop of course. I now have 14 of these stout fellows to paint, so I made a start this week after a week's holiday in Cornwall. Here are the first of the Bhyklabad Horse, known locally as Aston's Scouts, under the command of Major John Roberts ~
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I was inspired to attempt the coloured turbans, even though they would not have been worn on campaign against either the Bhurpas or the Soviets of the S.P.I.F.F, by seeing a wonderfully painted Indian cricket team on the VBCW game at Partizan in the Tent! Sadly, my efforts are very second rate by comparison...

The yellow central stripe does n't show up too well in either picture I've found, but I hope you get the idea at least from one or other of the pictures. I suppose its the limitations of my iphone camera, but I have tried to edit the pictures without being able to bring up the yellow any more clearly. Whatever, I have another trooper well underway to add to the unit, leaving just ten more to work through, hopefully by the end of the next week. In the meantime though, I'm off to a matinee performance of The Pirates of Penzance, very apt really after last week's sojourn!


  1. Nice painting shipmate, I can see the yellow.

    1. Well, your eyes are definately sharper than mine! Thanks for the comment by the way.