The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Thursday, 6 August 2015

The Residency at Byklabad

As I said on my main blog, I've been up to South Queensferry for a long weekend break coinciding with the Claymore wargames show in Edinburgh. The break enabled me to meet friends and family and to take in the show along the way. Before we went up 'd started work on a building complex to represent a superior location, hoping it would double as the Governor's Residency, the Headman's compound or even a Missionary church! I finished it off this morning so I thought that you might enjoy a peek ~
The Residency

The building, or more correctly buildings, are from the Mutineer Miniatures resin range for the Indian Mutiny. The walls are from the Ainsty Graveyard Walls set. I've yet to sort out what I'll do for a gate, the etched brass one provided might serve, but I may make a wooden gate using coffee stirrers in due course. Warbases kindly cut the 3mm MDF bases to my specification. I painted the Residency and the walls of its compound to match the other buildings you have seen in photos here before, with the exception of the roof tiles and stairs which I painted a shade of blue to represent more expensive tiling. The dome I painted in Bronze, just for a change and to mark out the building on the table. Enough waffle: a few pictures with figures to get a better idea of the building in a game ~
The Byklabad Horse depart for the front with RA support.

The Governor takes the air after Tiffin perhaps?

The Governor receives Prince Kasim and his entourage.

Well, I hope that the pictures give some sense of how the building will come alive in a game. When that will be I can't exactly say right now, as real life seems to have dealt a bit of a blow to my gaming chums of late. Later in the month perhaps if things in that direction improve?