The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Monday, 20 October 2014

A Dash for Freedom!

Phil and I recently were able to fit in a game here in GHQ from our ongoing Rhanzlistan campaign. Any who follow the adventures and exploits of our hero, Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh, and the villain of the piece, Comrade General 'Red' Robinski, will recall I am sure that during the last action fought by the opposing forces Brigadier Bykleigh was taken prisoner. Our game here features a daring escape and a bold rescue attempt coinciding on the table top battlefield. Having learned through the bold actions of HM Special Agent Bond that the Brigadier is being held under close guard in a small mountain village, the Governor decides to entrust Major Whyte with the command of a rescue force ~
One building is more closely guarded than the others.

Never one to rest on his laurels, Bykleigh is already planning his daring escape with his loyal batman, Pte Robinson PJ ~
Planning the escape!

Having secured a rifle by bribing a native servant, the two are ready to make a dash for freedom ~
The native servant arranges a diversion in the courtyard

But Robinski is taking no chances having learned from treacherous Bhurpas that a rescue mission is near the village ~
Red troops are occupying the buildings on the outskirts of the village

Escape will surely be difficult, there seem to be Reds everywhere you turn ~

As the escape begins more Reds are moving into the outskirts of the village

Reaching the bridge and crossing to safety is the plan!
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Even as the pair made their first move in their escape the relief column was nearing the village ~
The Byklabad Horse are advancing watched by the
District Commissioner, A Atkinson, and his staff

On the other flank the 2nd Gurkhas are approaching the bridge to distract the defenders from the main attack ~
A stealthy approach is called for to avoid alarming the Reds!

The main infantry force is scaling the hills to attack the village under the cover of the two diversionary attacks on each flank ~
The Indian infantry and machine guns move into position,
The Mountain gun battery can be seen in the distance.

The Brigadier and his batman make their break under the cover of the Reds' confusion caused by the sudden realisation that they are under attack ~
Leaving the building the pair find their route blocked by Siberian Riflemen

The Rhanzlistan Field Force mounts its main attack. The cavalry will gallantly charge the Red machine gun team and ride it down, leaving the Byklabad Horse to charge the Siberians as they emerge from the narrow streets of the village. The Indian Infantry will occupy the Reds defending the village, who find themselves enfiladed by fire from the 2nd Gurkhas ~
The RFF moves into action!

Under the very noses of the Reds' cavalry Bykleigh and Robinson dash across the narrow streets into a side ally. The Reds are preoccupied with the attack suddenly engulfing their positions ~
Safely across the village's main street under the noses of the enemy!

As the RFF's fire slowly erodes the Reds' ability to hold their positions the Byklabad Horse charges down the slopes and engages the Siberians in a drawn out melee. Ultimately the Siberians' morale fails and they route and the pursuing cavalry smashes the Reds' reserve before it can act!

As final Red resistance melts away and the final pockets of enemy troops are cleared out of the village Brigadier Bykleigh receives the congratulations of the District Commissioner for his daring and successful escape ~
"Well done, Brigadier, well done!"

The rules used for the main game were 'Setting the East Ablaze' while Brigadier Byleigh's escape was governed by movement restrictions keeping the two figures representing the escapees always away from any position blocked by Red troops. It has to be said that the order of the cards drawn for activation of the units and characters really did favour the escape!
The Reds are all from Phil's wonderful BoB collection and are all Copplestone figures I believe. The RFF are from my collection and are made up of figures from Copplestone, Pulp Figures, Brigade Games, Ironclad, Tiger Miniatures and Empress. The buildings are from Mutineer Miniatures, with the exception of the two small wayside shrines which I scratch built. The vegetation is aquarium plants and palm trees, from Tiger Miniatures in the latter case, a Garden Centre in the former. Keep an eye out for future adventures of the heroes and villains of Rhanzlistan in the coming weeks!


  1. Escape? He was an honoured guest of the good Comrade General, he was free to go as he pleased, coercing a servant and stealing a rifle was not really necessary. Did the General's men attempt to restrain him? Of course not, just more propaganda and an excuse to attack the peaceful emissaries of the Peoples Soviet.

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment, Phil. Its more than anyone else could be bothered to do.