The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Friday, 28 November 2014

The Gordon Highlanders

I 've finished the latest addition to the Rhanzlistan Field Force in the form of my converted Pulp Figures Highland infantry, which as you know I've painted as the Gordon Highlanders in honour of my good chum Kevin, who served in the Regiment as a young man. I removed the original heads, as they were mostly wearing steel helmets, with a jeweller's saw; drilled out the necks within the collars using my trusty pin vice; finally replacing the heads with some from Gripping Beast's Woodbine range. As I said in the previous post, with one exception I'm pleased by the results ~
The Regiment deployed to Rhanzlistan

The portly figure on the left is the one I mentioned in the first paragraph as being the one conversion I thought looked least convincing. I have to say that he does n't look nearly so bad in this photo, so perhaps its just me?
Major Hilton & Pipe Major Imrie

The Lewis Gun Section is made up of figures from all three packs Bob produces, unified by the advancing pose of the figures I think ~
Capt O'Brien's Lewis Gun Section

Again, the Rifle Section includes figures from at least two packs, all unified in appearance this time by their standing pose ~
Lt Jack's Rifle Section

The great joy, for me at any rate, is the fact that Bob's  sculpting style produces a figure which seems to really love the brush; an unfussy yet detailed end product will always result, even for a less than gifted painter like me. As I said in the last post, the kilts were my greatest challenge: painting thin, straight lines and following the flow of the kilt really is difficult, but I'm satisfied the end product will do, if you don't look too closely. They just need to be varnished now and they will be ready to take on those nasty chaps from S.P.I.F.F. or even those cunning Bhurpas!
Capt Calder

Capt Calder, seconded to the Royal Geographical Society's Expedition to find the Yeti! Note his patented waterproof sporran!


  1. Splendid job on those Sir. Ready to have the wind put up their skirts by the jolly fine chaps of SPIFF in due course.

  2. Getting a bit like doing demo games, people stop and look and get struck dumb it seems ;-)

    1. Very true, Phil! Folk just can't be bothered, or are n't interested? Who can say really?

  3. Excellent work! Looking forward to studying your blog! Hal Thinglum

    1. Thanks for the kind words, Hal! Welcome to Rhanzlistan!