The occasional exploits of Brigadier 'Tubby' Bykleigh and the Rhanzlistan Field Force

Wednesday, 27 September 2017

The Old Red Fort of Rhanzlistan (Part 2)

I've spent the day off and on progressing the Supreme Littleness Designs MDF Fort kit. Having coated it in Basetex 'Dried Earth' and gritted the base with my usual basing mixture yesterday I left it all to harden overnight. The first stage is to paint the entire structure, I use Crafter's Acrylic Burgundy Rose as the base colour on all my sub continent buildings, and to was the base to match the figures, again using Crafter's Acrylic 'Country Maple' ~

When the Base coat and the ground wash are dry I next dry brush heavily with Artiste Acrylic 'Burnt Sienna'. It's really necessary to dry brush this coat heavily to help the desired end effect ~

The second dry brushing needs to be much lighter handed and its best to do two light coats rather than one thickish one I've found. For this stage I used Artiste Acrylic 'Clay' and you get this rich orange brown look ~

The final stage of dry brushing is the lightest you'll find. I use a dry brushing of Anita's Acrylic 'Cream'. The effect is to wash down the whole colour while highlighting the edges and texture. The effect produces this look on my Rhanzlistan buildings ~

I've painted the few pieces of exposed wood simply Foundry 'Bay Brown Shade' for now. I'll tinker with that tomorrow probably. Adding dark green static grass, dry green and dark green grass tufts and 'weeds' from various coloured clumps allows the ruin to be dressed and lifted ~

Well,it's pretty much finished now and should blend in well with my other buildings in next month's Rhanzlistan game here in GHQ.


  1. Now that looks great...looking forward to the battle 🙂

    1. Thanks Matt, I'll try not to disappoint. Late October I expect now as Phil is off on the razzle!

  2. What a terrific look and thank you for taking us through this sep by step. I second Matt's anticipation of the battle.

  3. 8m quite chuffed with it myself, so thanks.